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Water Sport Combo Offer Package : 450AED or $123
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  • Operations :- Everyday

  • Duration :- 1 Hour or 30 Min ride according to booking option

  • Operation area :- Ajman

Sofa Tube 

Our new active fun sport maschine

  • Rider capacity: 6 persons
  • SIT ON and KNEE ON Design
  • Totally improved design
  • Cover Options:
    Standard: Ultra thick top cover
    - High Speed: Heavy Duty Cover with PVC Bottom
  • 21 EVA foam soft-grip handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • 5 air chambers
  • 6 water drains and covered boston valve
  • 3x double heavy duty tow points
  • Inner tube options:
    - OT1: VYNIL 34G
    - OT2: Ultra Strong PVC

Banana Ride 


  • Timings:- 10am to 6pm
  • Duration :- 15 minutes
  • Operation area:- Ajman

Paddle Boat

  • One-hour & 30 min paddle boat in Ajman Beach 
  • Able to swim confidently 
  • Instructions by Professionals

Jet Ski Dubai is one of the most demanding and visited adventurous activities in Dubai, offers you refreshing water experience, thrill and revitalize on hot summer and winter days. The Jet Ski Dubai is run and accompanied by the professional guides and operators to help navigate the water flow along the way. This trip is a safe and fun experience for groups of friends, family and colleagues. The Jet Skies are modern, comfortable and soundless, provided with life jackets and safety equipment. The Jet Ski Ride in Dubai is conducted on the famous Jumeirah Beach Dubai and Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah with 1100cc jet skis, can be shared by maximum 2 people within the package. This is a fun and thrilling water sport activity suits for both beginner and experienced people over 18 years old. The Jet Ski Dubai offers one hour and 30 minutes rides, cover popular routes including magnificent beaches, Palm Island, Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Persian Gulf, view of Dubai's modern architecture or explore around Al Mamzar Beach at Sharjah.

Banana Ride at Dubai : Adventure Leisure Tourism offers one hour and half an hour package for Banana Ride with pick-up and drop-off facilities from your hotel or resident. This activity is fun filled and safe to ride without any experience and a bit thrilling and challenging, our suggestion for this ride to have your own information, pricing and advice regarding the Banana Ride Dubai

Paddle Boat 

Just like kayaking, paddle boats also come with light fun and efforts required to travel slowly across the water surface. The only difference between the two is the use of bladed paddle in kayaking, while the paddle wheels in a paddle boat.

Alt Water Sports firmly believes in the enjoyment and relaxation for every person who steps through our doors. But the important thing to take into account is not every customer possesses the same energy levels and hobbies to always go for high-end action. But some customers also prefer to go quite on water while praising the beauty around and having their own little world within that ride. Due to this fact, we have also employed several light watersports suiting for the right audience. Our paddle boats are well-equipped with safety measures and provides the perfect balance when paddling. This will surely make you worry-free by leaving your children to paddle their way across the water freely.

Paddle Boat Ajman
Sofa Tube Ajman
Jetski Ajman
Banana Ride Ajman

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  •   00971556386728
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Yacht in Dubai is totally an awesome tour, offers so much to the travelers including the extraordinary beaches, modern architecture, remarkable man-made Islands on the pleasant and relaxing environment of Arabian Gulf. The Dubai Sea Cruising is a very relaxing activity when you are in Dubai, provides incredible moment from the time you step on bard until you explore all the major attractions and destinations. You have an opportunity to overlook the magnificent view of Arabian Gulf, wonderful beaches, Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world, Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis the Palm resort.