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Water Sport Combo Offer -2 Package : 400AED or $110
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  • Operation area:- Ajman Marina

Flyboard is a water flyboard pack that goes on your feet and allows you to surf the sky, swim like a dolphin and explore the blue water sea. The Flyboard is attached on to the powerful motor of a flyboard ski, drag you towards the magnificent water routes with a connection to a pair of flyboard boots. The Flyboard arrangement and connection provides you an opportunity to fly into the sky up to 10 meters or dive and explore underwater. The Flyboard Dubai is a superb water adventure sports, provides extraordinary opportunity for adventure seekers in the fabulous locations of Arabian Gulf in Dubai. Come and enjoy this adventure with your friends, family or colleagues over the most beautiful water destinations in Dubai, is one of the must do activity when visiting Dubai. The Flyboard Dubai is an adventure water sports which is very easy to explore after the few minutes training by the professional Flyboard trainers and instructors. This superb water sports comprises thrill, fun, excitement and refreshment no matter you are beginner or an expert. When you start fly with the Flyboard on balance and confidence it is very easy to turn, dive and do some tricks on the sky or under water. To feel the more adventurous, and participate the Flyboard water sports that throw you over 10 meters above the water and also allow you to dive on water like Dolphin.

Banana Ride at Dubai : Adventure Leisure Tourism offers one hour and half an hour package for Banana Ride with pick-up and drop-off facilities from your hotel or resident. This activity is fun filled and safe to ride without any experience and a bit thrilling and challenging, our suggestion for this ride to have your own information, pricing and advice regarding the Banana Ride Dubai 

Sofa Tube - Sofa are synonymous for summer fun. Rolling and jumping on the sea is an integral part of every summer and every good fun, and the tube and sofa / couch offers exactly that. Retracted with sports boat or a powerful scooter, this form of entertainment guarantees laughter and joy for friends and family.


Donut Ride

This is the infamous Donut Ride started in Ajman in the mid seventies and still runs today on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a serious ride reaching speeds of 60km/h +.



Water Sport Combo Offer -2 Pacakage
Flyboard Dubai
Sofa Tube Ajman
sofa tube ajman
Donut Ride Ajman
Donut Ride

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Yacht in Dubai is totally an awesome tour, offers so much to the travelers including the extraordinary beaches, modern architecture, remarkable man-made Islands on the pleasant and relaxing environment of Arabian Gulf. The Dubai Sea Cruising is a very relaxing activity when you are in Dubai, provides incredible moment from the time you step on bard until you explore all the major attractions and destinations. You have an opportunity to overlook the magnificent view of Arabian Gulf, wonderful beaches, Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world, Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis the Palm resort.